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What you should know about ICON Health & Fitness treadmills. ICON is a well know manufacturer of budget treadmills. They have been around for many years. They are a private company with unreported sales in excess of 3 billon dollars per year. One of their largest distributors is Sears. The ICON brand treadmills are sold under the brand names Epic, Nordic Track, Pro Form, Weslo, Cadence, Healthrider, Reebok, Image, Body Fit, Free motion, just to name a few. ICON treadmills are competitive in the lower priced treadmills that can be purchased from the various retail stores. ICON provides average quality treadmills in their price range, but ICON does not compare to the higher priced treadmills as far as durability and available features. There are several different models that are produced by ICON and are typically sold at discount retailers and on-line. For an infrequent user who mainly walks and requires only minimal stability and number of features, ICON can be a good value. My findings suggest that you get what you pay for, especially if you work out frequently. If you are more serious about the training you do on your treadmill, or if you are a runner than ICON will most likely not be of sufficient quality to meet your needs.

Most ICON treadmills do fold, and will latch in the up position. While the latch is designed so that the walking deck will not fall while unattended it is not recommended that you pull on the walking deck while in the up position. This could make the latch break loose. It is also very important that the incline be completely down before folding. Should you try and raise the walking deck when the incline is in the up position it is possible to break the piston that is used to help reduce the load when lowering the walking deck. ICON treadmills offer an internet capable iFit.com connection. IFit.com was designed by ICON as a personal trainer interactive program which offers workout programs for CD and MP3 players, VCR's and online.

You do have to purchase or subscribe to the service, but many users find it a convenient way to have a personal trainer while using their treadmills in the privacy of there home. On most models a tethered safety key is needed to start the treadmill. This key may have to be inserted or on newer models it may be a magnet. It will also stop the treadmill when pulled out. This is an excellent feature for safety reasons. By attaching the safety key to you during used should you fall the safety will automatically shut down the treadmill. Anyone that you do not want to use the treadmill cannot start the walking belt without this safety key. This can be a very attractive feature to users who have small children. Most ICON treadmills have built in programs and some higher end models let you design a custom user program. You may also be able to custom design a heart rate program. Higher end models usually offer one or two fans in the console. This is a great feature that you can only appreciate while using the treadmill.

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